Settled in 1629 Saugus is a Native American (Algonquin) name believed to mean “great” or “extended”. In the late 1630s, the area known as Saugus included the present day cities and towns of SwampscottNahantLynnLynnfieldReading, and Wakefield) and was renamed Lin or Lynn, after King’s Lynn, a seaport town in NorfolkEngland.

In 1646, the Hammersmith, now known as the Saugus Ironworks began operations. It was the first integrated iron works in North America as well and was one of the most advanced in the world. The Iron Works produced more than one ton of iron a day. It ceased operations around 1670 due to financial difficulties.

Major Samuel Appleton was said to have given a speech from a near the Iron Works in September 1687, denouncing the tyranny of Colonial Governor Sir Edmund Andros. This place has become known as Appleton’s Pulpit.

Local preacher, Parson Joseph Roby, helped spread the spirit of independence in Saugus and was instrumental in seeing that Saugus did their part by sending nearly 100 men from Saugus to fight in the American Revolutionary War.

The ice industry began in Saugus when in 1804 Frederic Tudor cut large blocks of ice from a pond on the family farm and shipped it to the Caribbean island of Martinique.

Newburyport Turnpike better known now as Route U.S. 1 was built in 1805. About four miles of this road was built in Saugus. Originally the turnpike was considered a failure. It was constructed over hills and swamps which caused the grass to overgrow on the road bed. Between 1840 and 1846, the tolls were discontinued and it became a public highway.  In 1933 the road was widened and an overpass was added to separate the traffic on Route 1 and Main Street. In the 1950s new businesses began to settle along Route 1. Today these businesses 1 generate millions in dollars for Saugus.

On February 17, 1815, present-day Saugus was officially incorporated as a town.

Saugus is geographically approximately only 12 miles to Boston and 32 miles to the New Hampshire border.

Today Saugus is known for its many restaurants and retail establishments along Rt. 1.


Local Shopping includes places like The Square One Mall, The Shops at Saugus, and The North Shore Mall


There are plenty of restaurants all along Rt1 from fast food to some of the finest fine dining. There is something for everyone. Italian, Asian, Steak, Seafood. You will have a hard time deciding!


Many of the local restaurants offer various forms of entertainment, including karaoke, dancing, live music, and comedy shows featuring many top comedians. The North Shore Music Theater is only a few minutes away in Beverly.


Recreation opportunities are endless. The areas many parks offer walking, jogging and hiking trails. There are numerous golf courses, bowling alleys and skating rinks (both ice and roller). The famous Revere Beach is just a short distance away where you can take advantage of the all the beach has to offer.

You will never run out of things to do while living at Essex Landing!